Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fencing the Homestead 2

What a week! Even with three days of doing other things, we got the homestead fence done (except for the last two sections, but that will take maybe 20 minutes). Friends Nick and Judy came to help, and really galvanized the whole crew--we got SO much done! We're thrilled with the space, and are hoping it will be roomy but not too much to maintain.

Two of our "non-working" days were taken up with the task of bringing the trailer back down the hill to get registered with the DMV. It was stressful, since the roads here are narrow and winding. However we combined that trip with our warrenty work, which included fixing the pop-out slide. We are VERY happy with the result. The other non-working day was the weekly grocery shopping trip. Since we live 40 minutes away from any major grocery store, it is a once a week event, usually combined with several other errands. My mom and I go together, since we do most of our meals together. Lots of planning goes into this! I like it because it forces us to have a plan, and it is also a nice day for Mark to take a bit of a breather with the girls.

I did have some not-so-good news this week. Our local school district is having big financial troubles due to declining enrollment. They are moving to an all day kindergarten to save on bussing, which are significant costs up here in the hills. So there goes part of my precious time with the girls. Seriously, I think it will be a much bigger deal to me than to them, but I'm disappointed. I'm just hoping my sister Gail, currently a teacher's aide with the kindergarten and third grade classes, will have her job next fall.

Finishing up with a couple pictures from the job site...Mark and I moving fencposts with the tractor (I got to drive!), and the girls with Nick and Judy enjoying a little picnic up at the homestead. Next week...trenching for power lines!


  1. Great job guys! So beautiful! Can't wait to summer maybe!

  2. Wow, you all have been quite busy! Have loved reading what you've been up to and seeing the photos of your beautiful piece of property! And the girls!!! We miss you all! We're getting ready to move on out of here in about 7 weeks! The Army has cancelled the retirement orders and we're just awaiting confirmation of the MI job...either way, we're outta here! Zeppelin has grown to 115lbs at almost a year old...a real sweetie!

  3. Connie - Thank you so much for the note on my blog. It's great to hear from you and see where you guys are. We've been wondering about you and happy to see things are moving along. What a beautiful piece of property and an awesome experience for the girls. Big difference from Academy/AF life?! :) I'm so excited for you and hope you are enjoying your newly found freedom.

    Oh, quick question: Did anyone contact you about a San Bernadino Sheriff? Mike received a call a month or so ago about something the sheriff had found in CA (probably on your road trip)and was trying to return to you. I think he passed along the message to some academy folks so they could get in touch with you. He's not home right now or I would ask him the details. Hopefully they tracked you down and returned whatever it was they found. :)

    We will continue to follow your blog. Thanks again for sharing a best of luck with the construction. Glad you survived the road trip too! Impressive and look so fun! Talk to you soon! Janelle & Crew