Sunday, March 1, 2009

End of the Road: Tollhouse, CA

Our wonderful road trip has come to an end. The trailer is in place in Burrough Valley, behind my folks' house. We have been settling in, and laying out our priorities for the next few months. The setting is beautiful...the rains have left the hills lush and green.

The week we arrived, we got very good news. The gift deed process is finally complete. My parents' three year effort to gift 5 acre parcels to my sister Gail and I has finally come to an end. Just in time to get busy building!

Our first task is to put a gate in across the new road. The road was a requirement for the gift deed, which the county treated as a "subdivision". The road to our two properties was required to be larger than the main road itself! But it is a beautiful road, even if it is quite large! Here are some pics of us getting ready to dig holes for the fenceposts. We've also ordered materials for building a fence around the house site, to keep the cattle from falling in holes, messing with the construction, etc.

Mark is in hog heaven, finally getting to put on his tool bags, do some hands-on projects, and learning how to drive the tractor. And I'm in hog heaven too, spending tons of time with the girls, cooking with my mom, and actually reading for pleasure. AAAHHHHHHH.

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