Monday, January 26, 2009

More Road Trip

How sad...10 days since my last post. Had a great time in Phoenix. We were treated to 3 days of wonderful Indian food. Why don't I cook like that? So healthy and tasty. Our leg to San Diego was a little complicated. Apparently I had miscalculated, and the trip was 200 miles longer than I anticipated! We ended up just outside Yuma, in a very nice campground called Tier Drop. Beautiful facilities. Now we are wrapping up 6 days in San has been a crazy week! We went to the zoo, and to Sea World. We met the Budweiser Clydesdales. My aunt and uncle work at Sea World, so we got to go "behind the rope". So cool!

Today we head to Joshua Tree. Mark is absolutely chomping at the bit to go climb with his old partner Mike McKenna. They'll have 2 full days, then we'll head up to Lancaster for a few days.

We had a mishap with the RV. A bolt for a very important bracket that holds the wall of the slide room up was missing. The bracket fell off the end of the rail. This was almost VERY serious, but we were able to fix it and get on our way with only minor scratches. All appears to be in order now.

Now, off to J-Tree!

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  1. You need to post more often, we were wondering what happened to you. And where are the pictures....sorry about the bolt mishap...San Diego....sounds like you had a blast!

    Tell Mark I think we solved out hot water heater finally crapped out and we bought a new one!!! Uggghhh!