Friday, January 16, 2009


After a WONDERFUL week in Albuquerque, we had to say goodbye and move on to our next destination, Arizona. Our original plan to head south to I-10 changed minutes before we hit the interchange. We decided to press west through Flagstaff to save 100 miles. We logged about 300 miles, then called it a day next to the meteor crater. Nice RV park with WiFi (Ahhhh!), but too close to the freeway, so lots of road noise. Thought about checking out the meteor crater itself, but $15/head ($7 for kids) for a one hour stop is a little steep on our budget right now. We'll spend the weekend in the Phoenix area visiting friends from our Penn State days. My sister Karen is going to fly in to travel on a leg of our journey. What a sport! Can't think of too many people who would voluntarily do that!

Funny thought for the day: Last night, as I was snuggling with my 4-year old Mae, I said: "I love you, Mae". Her response..."Good."

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  1. I am excited you started this....all the family should do it...with a big family it is easy to stay connected to what is going on in our lives this way. Drive safe!