Saturday, January 10, 2009

Albuquerque Visit Part 1

Although it actually took us 2 days to make the 320 mile trip to ABQ, we are finally settled in for some serious visiting. Staying electronically connected is not quite as smooth as I'd hoped, but between family visits, I'm thinking I can log in once in a while to jot down some notes.

We had a hard time extricating ourselves from the Academy. Our "mostly packed" turned out to be false. Four carloads later, we had ferried all our stuff from the temp quarters to the RV. A couple hours after that, we had it all squirreled away, and were ready to ACTUALLY hit the road. We made it to Raton, NM, and stayed at the same KOA Kampground where we spent our first night ever in the trailer last March. The next day, 9 Jan, we slowly made our way down to ABQ, staying at Kirtland AFB Famcamp. Kind of spartan, but has all the basics. And $15/night is pretty appealing on our retirement salary!

We've already seen Grandma Fran and Grandpa Dick, who are looking GREAT, and Aunt Tracey and baby SAMUEL. Beautiful baby, and Tracey looks SO happy, which is great to see.

Now heading off to Mark's sister Genie's, to see Genie, Kevin, Heather and Jillian (hopefully).


  1. Coming to welcome you to blog land and wish you a safe journey. My hubby was AF Major. Miss those days. Thanks for your service.

  2. We've had a fun time so far and the twins have such a fun personality.

  3. Welcome to the blogging world Connie!